19Nov 2014

If our Aussie friends were trying to make us jealous of their warm weather- it worked! How cute is this page featuring our Yacht wedge from the Australian Canberra Weekly Magazine? Love the pops of yellow and hints of turquoise, the polka dot dress, the produce, and that coffee is looking pretty delicious right about now too! Is it summer yet?!

Canberra Weekly

Are you headed someplace warm soon? Get yourself some spring 14 styles on sale!

17Nov 2014

I’ve always found it difficult to dress for Thanksgiving, never quite mastering the elusive combo of dressed up and casual. This year, however, my problem is solved! Roomy silky dress, cozy tights, and super comfy shoes will take me effortlessly from the dinner table to the couch (and back again for seconds).

Miz Mooz Shelly

10Nov 2014

Anyone lucky enough to get their hands on some of Alexander Wang’s collection for H&M last week? And by lucky, I mean willing to a)line up and sleep on the streets of NYC in the cold rain or b)pay double or triple the retail price on eBay (completely mooting the point of the lower priced line)? Yeah- me neither. Nonetheless, I always enjoy a bit of fantasy dressing, so here’s how I would style my favorite pieces were they to show up on my doorstep.

First up, this awesome t-shirt dress.

It doesn’t look especially exciting, until you notice those stripes are actually transparent mesh. Holy cow, I love it! Just a little peek-a-boo sexiness, while still being casual,  comfortable, and roomy enough you don’t need to suck in your stomach all day. I’d throw this baby over black tights, adding our Marlene flat and some pop-of- color jewelry for a mod-esque look. How cute would this be for Thanksgiving dinner?! Answer: Very.

Miz Mooz Marlene
Moving right along! Check. Out. These. Leggings.6104_SL_138_OL
I know, I know, leggings are not pants. I generally hold that truth to be self evident, but for these, I would make an exception. All they need is an oversized top and our Cade boots, and they’re ready for a Saturday afternoon of brunching and shopping.
Miz Mooz Cade
Finally, there’s this dress.6104_SL_127_OL
 It may be full coverage, but is also short and tight, and paired with the Nyla boot and a bold berry lip, it’s perfect for a winter date night!
 Miz Mooz Nyla
Sigh, a girl can dream!



04Nov 2014
 In an effort to get out the door and to work on time,  I’ve streamlined my daily wardrobe to a uniform of black, black, and more black. This technique works wonders, but I have to admit I’ve been experiencing a whole lot of color envy over here! It’s not the cobalts or reds that have me turning green, but the rich, creamy, caramely browns in the collection. Specifically, I’m eyeing the Sharlene boot, which has me dreaming of a whole new color palette, with cozy oatmeal sweaters, soft pink makeup, and absolutely positively nothing black.

Miz Mooz Sharlene
31Oct 2014

I know you’re out there, people who don’t care about Halloween and just want to buy new boots and look cute already. While I’m flabbergasted by your ambivalence to the Best. Day. Ever. I still want you to dress up. So may I present, three costume ideas that only require a new pair of boots** which, come on, you were going to buy anyway.

Costumes for the underachiever

**technically new boots are not required- but so much more fun!