17Oct 2014

I know you’re out there, people who don’t care about Halloween and just want to buy new boots and look cute already. While I’m flabbergasted by your ambivalence to the Best. Day. Ever. I still want you to dress up. So may I present, three costume ideas that only require a new pair of boots** which, come on, you were going to buy anyway.

Costumes for the underachiever
 **technically new boots are not required- but so much more fun!
09Oct 2014

Not much makes me happier than a good costume (except shoes, of course), though not everyone here at Miz Mooz shares my sentiment. Every year as a team we discuss dressing up for Halloween, and no one follows through, leaving me as the sole costumed weirdo in the office and making everyone uncomfortable. I mean, can you imagine working next to Chucky or Pee Wee Herman all day? To help you avoid my fate, I offer these super easy costumes created by swapping a few elements of a costume-free look to create a very costume-full ensemble, featuring my favorite fall shoe buys- no costume store trip necessary! Added bonus- NEW SHOES!

Miz Mooz Camilla: Halloween


Miz Mooz Tuned: Halloween


06Oct 2014
My love for summer always has me at odds with fall. While others cheer the arrival of boot season, I mourn the end of beach season. I stay bare legged and sockless as long as possible, until I begrudgingly turn to seasonal appropriate attire. But this year, this year is different. I credit my change of heart on the change of seasons to the collection of new boots I’ve been amassing, and dressing from the feet up!