Dec 17

Procrastinate much?

It’s a mere seven days until Christmas and, per usual, I haven’t started my holiday shopping yet.  Unless, of course, you count the things I have purchased for myself (it’s ok! I’ve been very very good this year).  I’ve also been very very busy, you know…dinners…holiday parites…nap taking…seeing Black Swan in the theater twice…  Anyway, that means this weekend I will be braving the elements, pounding the pavement, and shopping!  To avoid the “…til I drop” part of the equasion, I will be wearing the newest addition to my Miz Mooz collection.  Freshly purchased, and ready to take their maiden voyage on my feet…the Kimmi!  The molded rubber heel is perfect for a long day of stomping around, and the fuzzy lining will keep me toasty- a must, as the little weather icon on my desktop shows snowflakes and a big blue number 26.  Translation= COLD!!  Come to think of it, the Kimmi does happen to be the cutest shoe around, and would make an excellent gift for anyone…maybe I won’t need to do that much shopping after all!  Who wants to see Black Swan tomorrow?

The Kimmi

Have you been good this year?  Get yourself the Kimmi!