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Apr 28

Bitch Stole My Look

Our favorite singing starlett, Taylor Swift, went head to head with Kate Bosworth in this clip of E’s Fashion Police, while wearing Miz Mooz shoes!  Spoiler alert: Taylor wins!!  Listen carefully and you can even hear Kelly Osborne say she loves the shoes.

Apr 22

Pappa, Papparazzi!

Every time I see someone wearing Miz Mooz on the street I let out a little high pitched squeal of excitement, “Oh! Miz Mooz!”  I contemplate approaching the innocent Miz Mooz wearer, introducing myself, and snapping a picture.  But, I’m actually shy and reserved, (don’t believe anything else you’ve heard), and have never chatted up anyone I’ve seen wearing our shoes.  I have attempted quite a few covert camera phone snaps, which just makes me seem like a creepy weirdo (again, don’t believe anything else you’ve heard!).  This summer however, things are different.  I’m coming for you, and enlisting the whole Miz Mooz team!  If you are wearing your Miz Mooz out and about, We will find you, tap you on the shoulder, and take your picture for our Facebook photo collection.  Fair warning ladies!   Freshen your lip gloss, and be ready to say cheese!

First subject: The Hannah worn in Washington Square Park

Apr 15

TGIF! Cute animals in shoes to get your weekend started right!

Well, the title of this post says it all, so without further ado…have a great weekend y’all!

Apr 13

From Serbia, With Love

Miz Mooz was featured in designer Dejan Despotovic’s runway show during Belgrade Fashion Week!  We’re huge in Serbia.

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