Mar 16

Where were we?

Oh right, SPRING!  My second favorite season has arrived,  and here’s what I’m looking forward to wearing the most:

Bright shoes and nails!  Besides shoes, the Miz Mooz ladies are also obsessed with nail polish, specifically Essie.  This  conversation actually happened in the office today:

C:”Ooh, great nails!  Is that Lilacism?”

A: “No, this is Nice is Nice, I was going to pick Lilacism, or the new one, have you seen She’s Picture Perfect?  I really like it with these shoes [ed note, they were the yellow Panther]”

C:” Yeah that’s a good color, but I prefer a more matte finish.  My fave right now is Mint Candy Apple

L: “Oh I love that one!”

And so on and so forth for a few more minutes, the men of the office were completely baffled.  The moral of this story, wear bright nails with bright shoes, you’ll love it!    Pairings for your consideration: