12Sep 2014

Our buddies at Bottega Clothing in Montana gave a local mom an accessory makeover, I’ll give you 3 guesses as to what they chose for her feet! Miz Mooz, of course! And we couldn’t agree more with their statement “Just a little heel changes how you stand and feel. Confidence multiplied!”Get this casual chic look for yourself with our Pepper sandal.

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11Sep 2014


Almost a year ago, Harley Davidson opened its New York City flagship store next door to our office. For almost a year, I’ve been peeking in the windows, oohing and ahhing at the big shiny motorcycles, and daydreaming about saddling up my hog and heading out west. Cruising the highway between Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper, wind in my hair, all 70’s era nomad biker chic. Alas, it is almost 2015 and I am sans hog, can’t drive, and don’t much care for “out west”. But I can still look the part! Fantasy biker me pairs our Cade bootie with a Farrah- inspired red plaid top and bad to the bone leather jacket. Of course, in real life I would wear a helmet- safety first! Continue