25Aug 2014

DSCF5893Back? The bootie never left! And why would it? An ankle boot is the perfect shoe for transitional dressing, works with leg baring ensembles just as well as with jeans, and unlike that other fall staple- the ballet flat- a short boot creates a buffer between your precious feet and the elements. If you’ve ever slogged through rain in a pair of slip on flats, you understand exactly what I’m saying here. My current go to is the Evelyn, but that is sure to change in a few days. Maybe to the Ninette or Flame.  Or  ooh, maybe the Carol!? I’ll have to get back to you. In the meantime, enjoy our new crop of booties!




From top: Evelyn, Carol, Flame, Ninette

19Aug 2014

I stopped distinguishing between “dressy” and “casual” in my wardrobe a long time ago, because sometimes a girl needs to wear sequins on Saturday afternoon, or as in this case, ditch the black pumps for a killer pair of flat loafers at the office. Enter one of my very favorite styles from the fall 14 line, Marlene. A smidge of Katherine Hepburn, and a pinch of Janelle Monae, and a whole heap full of awesome! I’m wearing mine with slouchy cropped pants on the weekend, and slim fitting pencil skirts when working my “business woman” look. I have a whole slew of outfits on deck too; wide leg trousers, black leggings, tunics, and of course, sequins.


06Aug 2014

Welcome to the new and improved Miz-Mooz.com! We’re all shiny and refreshed, and  feeling like a million bucks! This makeover is not the only reason we’re beaming- have you seen our fall collection yet?! Only a few styles are available in stores now, but styles are trickling in daily and soon you’ll be able to bring them all home, so start saving up! Here are a few of our favorites, for your consideration.




15Jul 2014

One of the best things about the summer in New York City isn’t in New York City at all. I’m talking about the weekend getaway! Spend a short hour or so in a car or on a train, and enter a hidden world where the air smells so good you’ll swear your travel companions are applying delicious smelling lotions (true story-  it was the air! Air that smelled like flowers!). Last weekend I did just that, and while my time out of the city was lovely, the best part about a weekend away is always coming home- flowered air be damned.

First up: Lunch and shopping in Rhinebeck, where we found the most delicious honey on the planet, but not quite delicious enough for the $37 price tag.DSCF4799 DSCF4807 DSCF4811 DSCF4820Next on to  Growing Heart Farm, for a tour, yoga, music, dinner, and lots of new friendsDSCF4848DSCF4847DSCF4841DSCF4846DSCF4884DSCF4910DSCF4915DSCF4925DSCF4908Finishing a little closer to home, checkout the wildlife!DSCF4957 DSCF4976 DSCF4977Next weekend we keep it local, where will you be going?