Lights, Camera, Miz Mooz!

The cast of the CW’s 90210 has been sporting Miz Mooz on screen, and now you can get in on the action! Just because you are not the star of a hit tv show doesn’t mean you can’t look like one, with the help of Miz Mooz and Click your way on over to see what styles the lovely ladies of 90210 are wearing, and get your own pair- on sale no less!! You’re welcome.

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Ride Em Cowgirl!

In case you didn’t get the memo-email-text-tweet- or whatever it is these days- cowboy boots are back; back in a big big way.  We’re talking everything from rugged and distressed, to shiny and metallic.   John Wayne to Rhinestone Cowboy.  Rodeo to Rodeo Drive.   And you need a pair.  Now.

Not to worry!  Miz Mooz has the most lovely and amazing cowboy (well, cowgirl) boots you will find, and trust me, I’ve looked.  Miz Mooz has made their cowboy boots modern pieces, with a nostalgic feel that manages to be neither too retro nor old fashioned.  The leathers on these beauties are both tough and tender; they will stand up in the Wild West, and look divine in the big city.  There are punchy candy colors, and vintage distressed finishes.  Snake printed and top stitched styles, studs, and grommets, and zippers, oh my!   Because they are made by Miz Mooz, you know they are comfortable!  They have a cushy (yes, cushy is a word) foot bed, perfect for stomping around all day, and into the evening.

A great pair of cowboy boots will freshen up your tired wardrobe for spring, and can be worn with most anything already in the closet.  I’m wearing mine with skinny jeans and big wool socks now, and can’t wait to pair them with flirty dresses and cardigans in the spring.  I’d even do them with denim cut offs and a simple tank and let the boots have the spotlight.

I do have to warn you, the decision on which style to pick is going to be difficult.  Maybe not Sophie’s Choice difficult, but certainly no walk in the park, or around the ranch, as the case may be.  It would be easier if there was a women’s magazine-style multiple choice quiz to help narrow it down.   You know the ones I’m talking about; if you answer mostly A’s you’re a tough lady with a sensitive side- the Cozumel is for you!  Mostly B’s?  You’re the vivacious outgoing type- try the Cabana in gold snake print!  Though priced well under $200, why not pick two pairs?  You’re going to need them after all, these are definitely the boot of the season…and next season, and next season, and the season after that…What are you waiting for?  Happy Shopping!

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