Who’s Bad?

I’m a nice, sweet, well behaved, girl. I love kittens, cupcakes, and the color pink. I wear florals, pastels, and heart shaped jewelry. Get the idea? Lately though, I’ve been feeling the need to toughen up my look- less sugar, more spice- and I have found the key. It’s the Vento by Miz Mooz! Edgy but not scary, this is the sandal of my rebel-in-training dreams. The stacked wood heel puts me at just the right height to reach the top shelf (the one with the candy!) in my kitchen. Thick leather straps, trimmed with zippers, give me major street cred while still offering a peak at my hot pink toenails. The Vento works perfectly for daytime into evening, and they are so comfortable that I’m actually happy to keep them on all day. There are those of you who may think you’ve got enough spice in your look, and to you I say WRONG! GO GET THE VENTO NOW! How’s that for tough?

The Vento