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My newest favorite website of all time forever and ever,, has just gotten even better…today it’s featuring the Rain!  The site is the brainchild of Brooklyn’s own Natalie Afshar, who posts adorable and affordable little gems daily.  She has amazing taste, and finds really incredible, unique, and interesting pieces- from shoes and accessories to art and great restaurants.  The layouts are all completely original, and the site is crazy cute!

Spotlight on ShoeFly!

Welcome to our brand-spankin-new feature, the Retailer Spotlight, in which we introduce you to our beloved retailers, giving them a chance to shine.  Miz Mooz can be found in some of the coolest stores around, and we want everyone to know about it!

First up, ShoeFly, which boasts 3 stores in the D.C. area, an online boutique, and an owner gracious enough to be the guinea pig for this feature…thanks Jen!

The first hint that ShoeFly in Arlington, VA isn’t your average shoe boutique is the 9 foot tall black and white photo of local rocker Jon Shaffer that serves as the back wall of the retail store.   That is, of course, if you can pull your eyes away from all the great shoes long enough to take notice!

As a transplant to Washington, DC, Jen Marfino was inspired by a longtime dream of owning her own business, and the vision of her sister Sue, who has two successful stores in their native Buffalo, NY.   Jen left her position in tech sales and opened ShoeFly in 2003 on a mission to provide unique and wearable shoes at price points that were not over the top.  A directive which, along with Jen’s funky aesthetic and all-around-awesomeness (she rollerblades! She makes a mean manicotti!), deem her a perfect retailer for Miz Mooz.

ShoeFly has now expanded to three retail locations, situated in neighborhoods that can be described as Urban Villages, where one can do three of my favorite things- eat, drink, and shop!  These walkable enclaves of both independent and national retailers, restaurants, and nightlife offerings attract a range of shoppers, ShoeFly caters to women (and some men) ages anywhere from 14 to 82, who all share in the love for great shoes!  ShoeFly also offers parties dubbed “Shop Like a Rockstar”, private events with a portion of proceeds going to a charity of choice.

Fishing for compliments, I asked Jen why she loved Miz Mooz for ShoeFly, and she responded, “We love Miz Mooz because you blaze your own trail”, and the feeling is mutual!  She also cited our different yet wearable styles, classic silhouettes, and creative embellishments as reasons to keep coming back to Miz Mooz.  When asked what Miz Mooz shoe she couldn’t possibly live without, Jen gave a special shout out to the classic Casablanca boot- holla!

We’re thrilled to have Miz Mooz in ShoeFly, and hope you’ll stop by and say hello when you find yourself in the DC area.

Notice the awesome photo on the back wall!

Calling all Moozers!

This blog is pretty rad, but we can make it radder. And by we, I mean YOU, dear reader. Let’s get to know each other better. Dim the lights, settle in, and have a good heart to heart.

We’re seeking submissions for reader spotlights, so tell me all about yourself and send pictures taken of you in Miz Mooz- you may be chosen to be featured on the blog! We are interested in anything you may want to share. Are you secretly an aspiring shoe blog writer? Let’s make that dream a reality! Baked a shoe shaped cake? Send me a slice! Just want to say how great Miz Mooz is? We’ll take it!
Our favorite contributions will be rewarded…*cough,shoes,cough*…

I’ll be getting the party started, so stay tuned for my next posting, in which I reveal my not so secret identity, and in the meantime, get to work on your amazing submissions!