Getting to know you…

I’ve been pressuring our retailers and customers to let me share their personal stories with the whole of the internet, so it is only fitting that I should contribute a little somethin somethin. Here it is, stream-of-consciousness style:
I’m a retired professional dancer. While I no longer dance on the concert stage, I do dance many other places, including but not limited to; subway platforms, beaches, back seats of moving vehicles, rooftops in Brooklyn, and picnic tables. I love the artist once again known as Prince, cats, bright colored Essie nail polish, and my job. I eat a peanut butter sandwich for lunch most of the time, and am not sick of it. I especially enjoy said sandwich with a cup of coffee. These days I’ve been tucking all my T shirts in, and really like this look with rolled up boyfriend jeans and high heels (Miz Mooz, of course.) I think it’s the perfect combo of fancy and laisse-faire. My hair has been the following colors and one point or another: dark brown, light brown, bleach blonde, and pink. On November 7th I will be running in the New York City Marathon, and am training like crazy, wish me luck! Currently my screen saver is a Richard Prince image of a cowboy. I love cowboys. I’m thinking of changing it, though haven’t yet found anything that works. Suggestions? I am an enthusiastic participant in Halloween costume contests, and usually win. My favorite color is sparkly purple, and my favorite flavor is red.
XO Cheryl