Behold, the power of Google!

It is amazing, the things that can be found with a simple Google search!  Today I found a video and these great pictures of the Rain!

I don’t know where this video came from, but I love it, and intend to make my own.  Lots and lots of my own.  Just click here to see what I’m talking about! Miz Mooz Pumps by Sweet Jones

Coming out of the Closet

When does many shoes become too many shoes?  Never, if you ask my right-brained self,  though in reality, the answer seems to be: When they no longer fit in the closet!  I’ve been stumbling around the shoes, boots, sandals, wedges, stilettos- you name it- that have been littering the floor of my teeny NYC apartment for far too long, and finally decided to do something about it.  It was really becoming dangerous, one mis step onto a gorgeous bordeaux riding boot whilst wearing a 4 inch platform, and I would be a goner!  Safety first people!  Clearly getting rid of some shoes was not an option.   So, I enlisted my Zipcar driving, power drill owning, handy-as-all-get-out friend, and we made the pilgrimage to Ikea in search of a solution.

I don’t know if you’ve had the pleasure that is an Ikea trip on a Sunday right before Christmas, but let me tell you, it is not for the faint of heart!  I would say a good 75% of New York’s inhabitants were present, including many pushy old ladies and even more screaming babies.  Exciting!  Anyway, after vetoing what seemed like hundreds of shoe storage options that were not quite right for various reasons (good for shoes but bad for booties!  Works for a pump but not for wedges! Too big, too small, too plasticy, too woody, too…) we headed for the exit.  Well, that’s not exactly true, first we headed for the food court and ate Sweedish meatballs, then we headed for the exit.  That’s when I had the brilliant idea that has transformed my life.  Shelves!  I bought shelves and brackets that fit perfectly on the wall behind my bedroom door!  Those pairs of shoes that were living on the floor, threatening to take me out at every turn, now have their own home!  Perfectly accessible, but not intrusive.  It’s a beautiful thing.  And, since they were from Ikea, they were totally cheap!  Which leaves me with extra cash!  For more shoes!

Update!  Pictures!  Every shoe is Miz Mooz, of course…who can name them all??

Miz Mooz relaxin at home

Procrastinate much?

It’s a mere seven days until Christmas and, per usual, I haven’t started my holiday shopping yet.  Unless, of course, you count the things I have purchased for myself (it’s ok! I’ve been very very good this year).  I’ve also been very very busy, you know…dinners…holiday parites…nap taking…seeing Black Swan in the theater twice…  Anyway, that means this weekend I will be braving the elements, pounding the pavement, and shopping!  To avoid the “…til I drop” part of the equasion, I will be wearing the newest addition to my Miz Mooz collection.  Freshly purchased, and ready to take their maiden voyage on my feet…the Kimmi!  The molded rubber heel is perfect for a long day of stomping around, and the fuzzy lining will keep me toasty- a must, as the little weather icon on my desktop shows snowflakes and a big blue number 26.  Translation= COLD!!  Come to think of it, the Kimmi does happen to be the cutest shoe around, and would make an excellent gift for anyone…maybe I won’t need to do that much shopping after all!  Who wants to see Black Swan tomorrow?

The Kimmi

Have you been good this year?  Get yourself the Kimmi!

Yes Virginia, there is a cute pair of winter boots!

Last week we had our first snow of the season here in NYC, an event that historically banishes cute, feminine, shoes to the back of the closet.  There they sit, forgotten and forlorn, until spring.  Replaced by ubiquitous, brown, fur-lined monstrosities (I’m not naming names), or rubber boots that are more suited to ice fishing than cocktail hour.  I, for one, frequent many more cocktail hours than I do ice fishing expeditions, and do not want to risk loosing a toe to frostbite in order to rock some killer shoes.  Though, I wonder if there is a discount on pedicures for anything less than 10 toes?  Anyway…  What’s a girl to do?!  Miz Mooz, that’s what!  Our fall line is chock full of adorable, warm, party-dress appropriate styles that won’t make you look like you travel by dogsled.  My top pick is the Howser for day- it’s a boot on an of-the-moment clog!  Lined with politically correct and cruelty free and still super warm faux shearling!  If you’re feeling a little fancy pants, try the Sabrina.  It’s also lined with shearling, and has been endorsed by Oprah.  Oprah, people.  Oprah. It’s time to start making your spring shoes jealous!


Shop for Sabrina!

Heeeere’s Howser!


Retailer Spotlight on Click Shoes!

I had the pleasure of spending Thanksgiving in Chicago this year, and despite the two days I spent bed ridden (of course I would get sick on vacation), and the brutal cold (seriously, they don’t call it the Windy City for nothin), I had a great time!  I managed to peel myself off the couch, away from both the TV and my bottomless glass of wine long enough to visit Paula Eisen at her store Click Shoes!  It was the second best part of my trip (a very close second to the amazing Thanksgiving  dinner- thanks Ashley and Terry!).  I played “serious journalist” and asked Paula some questions about the store.

Adorable holiday windows!

What’s this neighborhood like?

It is the most adorable, friendly neighborhood; driven by involved residents and local retailers that include some of the best shopping, eating, and barhopping Chicago has to offer. The Southport style is preppy casual with a stylish twist. Watch out for the stroller and puppy traffic!

What else would you do here?

Next door to Click is the historic Music Box Theater. Catch independent, classic movies, cult classics, the best variety of film festivals or a big time move premiere. Wrigley Field is just a few blocks away. Go check out a Cubs game or just enjoy the great game day vibe that spills over onto Southport. Or head down to Schuba’s to see some phenomenal music.

Who is your main customer?

We cater to all women of every age group. Click’s goal is comfort with style for a mid-range price. Isn’t that what everyone dreams of? Our selection covers the classics with a big dose of the hottest fashions and interesting finds. And my personal favorite, fresh twists on the classics. We do carry a few of those slightly painful but- too gorgeous we must have them to showoff -heels. Sometimes they’re too amazing to pass up!

Our customers love that our clothing is fun and functional for their lifestyles and that all of our jewelry and art work are made by local artists. We really do know our repeat customers well and what they like. That includes the daughter that just grew enough to shop in a woman’s store, her mother, 25 year old sister, and even grandma too (BTW, even the dogs are welcome at Click). The lifestyles of all these women are also included in our decisions. We want our shoes to be worn, not forgotten in the back of a closet.

Do you host any events?

Our events are so fun! The Southport Corridor as a whole hosts many neighborhood events throughout the year that we always participate in. We also host, almost weekly, if not daily in our busy seasons, fundraisers for local charities, schools and private events. Our customer hostess’ have the choice of donating 15% of each purchase to the group of their choice or pass on a 15% discount to their guests. Our parties typically run from 7-10pm and at no cost to the guests or hosts. We provide complimentary light appetizers, desserts, wine, beer, and champagne. We customize every event with different trunk shows, entertainment, or pampering services upon request.

Why do you like Miz Mooz?

Ladies, comfort doesn’t mean you can’t wear hot styles or high heels! Brands like Miz Mooz make that possible.

What’s the Miz Mooz shoe you can’t live without?

Any cowboy boot by Miz Mooz. They’re a bit more urban cowgirly, are SO comfortable all day on your feet, and they go with so many looks and functions year round.

Fun Miz Mooz memory?

Every time I get to say “I told you so” when a customer says they are not able to wear any shoe with height and I show them how amazingly and often deceivingly comfortable Miz Mooz heels, wedges and platforms are. I’m so annoying, I love being right!

Paula and Me!

Amelia and Jazmine hanging out at Click Shoes

Making Mischief With Miz Mooz

We’re at it again!  The holiday season is in full swing here at Miz Mooz, and our gift to you is another chance to win some shoes!  Visit Mischief My Dear, the fantastic blog by our new BFF Ashe (don’t you love the patterned stockings she paired with the Tillman in this photo!?!)  for the details.

The Tillman, as worn by Ashe Mischief