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Miz Mooz Cares!

We’re shoe people here, and I bet you’re  shoe people too, right?  And as shoe people we have lots and lots of  shoes, many of which I bet haven’t seen the light of day in months or even years, right?  If this sounds like you, join Miz Mooz in gathering some of those old shoes and sending them to Soles4Souls.  Soles4Souls is a fantastic non profit organization that collects used footwear and distributes it to people in need.  Right now they are making special collections for the victims of the natural disasters in Japan, and Miz Mooz has already collected 231 pairs!  Check out their website to find drop off locations in your area, and go clean out your closets!

Sock it to me!

I’m wearing socks with sandals.  What?  Oh, yeah, socks with sandals.  Are you horrified?  Kinda?  Please, hear me out.  I’m not talking the tube socks-Birkenstock combo from the glory days of junior high school; I’m talking cute florals, bright colored fishnets, and argyle!  Man, do I love me some argyle socks.  A little bit kindergarten, a little bit nerdy teen, a little bit stuffy businessman, and a whole lotta fun!  Especially in unexpected color combos and anything neon.  But I digress.

For me, the appeal of the dreaded sock/sandal combo is twofold: First, it is late March –well into spring shoe shopping season- and still too cold to sport my new strappy and open toe styles without freezing my little piggies.  Solution?  Socks.  So simple,  so brilliant, sooo happening.  Second, I own some delicate, flirty, adorable, not cheap socks, which spend all their time hidden under boots.  These babies need their time in the sun!  Aside from brief moments walking through airport security, my favorite socks never see the light of day.  I owe it to them, and the world!

The key to making the look crazy sexy cool as opposed to just crazy, is to keep the socks light in weight and pattern, gym socks need not apply.  Pair them with a simple yet substantial sandal, thick straps and solid colors on a heel, and you’re good to go.  Oh, and please make sure the elastic on the ankle isn’t too tight, no one wants sausagey ankles.

I’ve already started buying socks expressly for this purpose- a pair in an orange and yellow ditsy floral print to go with dark green suede platform wedges,  *swoon*.  I also want something to wear with my Miz Mooz Heather…I’m thinking argyle.

Check out these awesome (and not so) sock/sandal combos

Socks and sandals, not just for llama farmers and super models anymore.
Yes, please
No, thank you.
Socks! Miz Mooz Heather! It's a win win.

Globetrotting with Miz Mooz

I just flew in from Chicago, and boy are my arms tired!  Seriously.   I’ve been lugging two 60 pound bags of shoes  across the country for the last month, showing our Fall 2011 collection to buyers from all your favorite stores!

First stop was the FN Platform show in Las Vegas, which is the biggest trade show in the biz, and the most fun!  Miz Mooz went all out, we brought the whole team, our designer, a shoe model, and even our Canadians!  For those of you who are not buyers for retail shoe stores, here’s the deal (pay attention, there may be a quiz); brands all get together in a convention center, set up a booth, and buyers come by to see the line and place orders for their stores.  We work a season out, so in February 2011  we show shoes for Fall 2011, and in August 2011 we show shoes for Spring 2012.  Got it?  Anyway, here is a shot of our booth, that’s Jeff hard at work and me hard at…texting?  …playing Angry Birds..?

Miz Mooz at Platform

Even with all the hard work, we do make time for some fun, which mostly means eating and drinking.  Here I am with Cate, shoe model extraordinaire, doing just that, and the team and friends post chowing down on some delicious steak.

Team Miz Mooz

But that was just the beginning!  After Las Vegas, it was lather-rinse-repeat in Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, and Italy (that’s right!  Miz Mooz goes global!), all to get our fabulous shoes in your favorite stores, so you can get them into your closet.  It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.