Bitch Stole My Look

Our favorite singing starlett, Taylor Swift, went head to head with Kate Bosworth in this clip of E’s Fashion Police, while wearing Miz Mooz shoes!  Spoiler alert: Taylor wins!!  Listen carefully and you can even hear Kelly Osborne say she loves the shoes.

Pappa, Papparazzi!

Every time I see someone wearing Miz Mooz on the street I let out a little high pitched squeal of excitement, “Oh! Miz Mooz!”  I contemplate approaching the innocent Miz Mooz wearer, introducing myself, and snapping a picture.  But, I’m actually shy and reserved, (don’t believe anything else you’ve heard), and have never chatted up anyone I’ve seen wearing our shoes.  I have attempted quite a few covert camera phone snaps, which just makes me seem like a creepy weirdo (again, don’t believe anything else you’ve heard!).  This summer however, things are different.  I’m coming for you, and enlisting the whole Miz Mooz team!  If you are wearing your Miz Mooz out and about, We will find you, tap you on the shoulder, and take your picture for our Facebook photo collection.  Fair warning ladies!   Freshen your lip gloss, and be ready to say cheese!

First subject: The Hannah worn in Washington Square Park
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Name That Shoe

Ever wonder how we name our shoes?  I bet it’s been keeping you awake at night for ages, right?  Losing valuable slumber time, tearing your hair out, just can’t stand it any more, you must know the secret?  Well relax, cause I’m gonna tell ya…I make them up!  Well, it’s not actually that simple.

There are a lot of shoes each season, I would say we create samples of twice as many shoes as we actually produce, and each one needs a name.  So, to reign myself in and provide a little structure (a little structure never hurt anyone), I start with a theme.  To date, Miz Mooz shoes have been named after NYC streets and neighborhoods (Tribeca, Bowery),  NYC restaurants (Resto, Waverly…yummy…), authors and literary characters  (Alcott,  Dorian), as well as friends and family (Dorothy, Sophia…love you Grandmas!), and even a cat!

After all of that, the Spring 11 collection was easy…musicians and composers.  There are some obvious ones in the bunch…hello Elton! And some not so obvious ones, like Nova and one of my personal faves, Hadley, named after Tony Hadley.  For those of you who were living under a rock in 1983, or have never watched VH1 classics, Tony Hadley is the lead singer of that awesomely awesome 80’s band Spandau Ballet.  For your Tuesday listening pleasure, please take a moment to enjoy Spandau Ballet performing their much loved hit True.

Then, go buy yourself the Hadley!

Hadleys, in repose.


Check it out- Billy and Cheryl (that’s me!) are twins today.  We didn’t even call each other to plan it last night! Confirms my suspicion that I’m dressing  like a boy these days.

Shoes:  Miz Mooz Hoola!

Crimes of Fashion

Hello officer, I’m turning myself in.  I’ve started to dress like a boy, and fear I may be a danger to myself and others.   It’s been a good week and a half since I’ve had on a pair of heels, and I’ve definitely got a masculine thing goin on south of my ankles.  But can you blame me?  Miz Mooz has so many adorable menswear inspired styles this season, perfect for these  not-quite-warm in between days.  Check ’em out, and get your own!  Hoola, Brooke, Babel

And the Winner is…

Remember when we were giving away all those shoes?  Like, 10 days ago?  Do ya?  Well, we have one winner who will never forget!  Congratulations to Kelly, the lucky girl who won our contest with!  Here she is giving her Miz Mooz Ankaras a moment in the sun: