How To Wear Colorful Shoes: A Tutorial

I’m a sucker for any shoe that is bright, or patterned, or multi-colored, or (jackpot) all three.  I also know that one woman’s shoe dream is another’s shoe nightmare- what on earth does one wear with these wild shoes?!  My easy answer- EVERYTHING!  Gone are the days when your handbag must match your shoes and lipstick ladies, so lighten up, stop being all matchy-matchy, and rock some rad shoes!  The most important thing to remember- don’t be afraid of colors and patterns!  A bright shoe does not necessitate a black or monochrome outfit.  The bolder, the better, if you ask me.  Here are 3 foolproof outfits, using my fave shoe of the moment, the Petra:

Good For You, Annie Roberts!

As you may recall, we recently crowned the winner of our first Facebook Step It Up Sweepstakes! Well, please meet the lucky lady!  One Ms. Annie Roberts, who though currently living in California, hails from my home state of Minnesota! Mid West represent!! Anyway, Annie was so kind as to complete the Miz Mooz team questionnaire and send us pictures of herself looking fantastic wearing her prize, the Violet! Also, don’t you just love her doggie?!!

Hometown: Plymouth, Minnesota
Current location:
Pasadena, California
I like to:
Hang with my animals
Last great book I read:
Talking To Girls About Duran Duran
Favorite 80’s band:
Split Enz
Favorite movie:
Reality Bites
Perfect last meal:
Burger from Lazy Ox Canteen-rare
What I’m wearing today:
The Miz Mooz Violet!!

Name Game Part 2, or, Know Your Chicken.

It’s time for another round of Name That Shoe!  As I explained here, all of our Miz Mooz Spring 2011 styles were named after musicians, and I’d like to introduce you to another.  Ladies and gentlemen, meet Yuka!

Yuka comes to us courtesy of Ms. Yuka Honda, formerly of the best female Japanese duo from New York City ever to sing about a chicken, Cibo Matto!!  Much to the dismay of their groupies, Cibo Matto broke up in 2001, so we will never be able to see Yuka wearing the Yuka onstage.  We’ll just have to make do with this video:

Cibo Matto – Know Your Chicken by WBRNewMedia

Get yourself a pair here!


I just may be the last person on the planet to ever hear of It’s fantastic digital scrapbooking for the fashion set, combining arts and crafts and shopping!  Just go to the website, browse through the gazillion images of clothing, accessories, landscapes, and other sundries, and drag your faves into a collage!  Boom!  No glue stick required!  Then give it a catchy title, and save it on the site to be admired by the masses.  A great place to get outfit ideas, and it’s even searchable!  Check out these that I found whilst browsing for Miz Mooz, and one I made myself!

Featuring the Miz Mooz Faye
Featuring the Miz Mooz Hoola
Featuring the Miz Mooz Brooke

Miz Mooz for Mom!

Mother’s Day never ceases to sneak up on me!  One minute I’m marveling at the first really warm spring day, enjoying a white wine spritzer with my BFF in Prospect Park, then…BAM!   I realize it’s almost Mother’s Day!  And it’s a mad rush to hunt down, purchase, wrap, and send the perfect gift.  The gift that says “I thought long and hard and saved my pennies for months to buy you this token of my love and gratitude”.  The gift that says “Forget my siblings, I’m your best, brightest, most thoughtful offspring,  and most deserving of that really great vintage Tiffany lamp in the living room, that would look sooo much better on my nightstand (hint, nudge, wink wink)”  You get the picture.  The answer, obviously, is shoes.  Miz Mooz shoes, to be exact.  We have options for every Mom, check out a few of our faves below:


For moms that work hard all day, and like to play hard at night.  Transitions perfectly from the office, to dinner with Dad, to the dance floor!



These modernized clogs will have Mom reliving her glory days, and waxing poetic on her summers spent touring with The Grateful Dead in no time.  P.S. Oprah loves them! Click here!



Give Mom a burst of color on her feet with the comfortable and infinitely wearable Watson, perfect for those busy queen bees.


Check out even more Miz Mooz gift ideas here: And hurry up already, it’s almost Mother’s Day!