Heavy Lifting

We’re a full service operation here at Miz Mooz, which means our small team does everything!  From the initial design all the way down to quality control, Miz Mooz is working for you!  Speaking of quality control, our Fall 11 styles have been trickling in, so we put on our “warehouse outfits” and headed out to beautiful Jersey City, New Jersey to check them out.  Pssst….they rock!!!  Here I snapped a pic of Melissa, test driving our brand new warehouse fork lift.

The Great Outdoors

This month has seen an influx of invitations to outdoor events in my mailbox.  Everyone has something to celebrate, and they all want to do so outside- in a garden, or park, or backyard, or on a beach-  terrains that are none to friendly to my footwear.  Not to mention walking in heels is virtually impossible on these soft surfaces, let alone dancing- and lord knows- I love to dance!  What’s a high heel wearing gal to do?  May I present to you…the Wedge.  I am convinced the mighty wedge was invented by a woman on a mission, with garden parties and beach weddings on her calendar, and nothing to wear on her feet!  A wedge gives the height and fancy-factor of a heel, but with a  flat and solid sole that won’t get stuck in the ground.  Bonus- they’re comfortable!  It’s a footwear miracle!  Here, for your viewing enjoyment, my favorite Miz Mooz wedges:

The Natalie
The Khloe
The Lynn

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