New Feature: Moozer Pick of The Week!

So, I think it’s about time to introduce a new feature on this here blog, it’s the Moozer pick of the week!  We all have our very favorite styles…some of us have  2 or, ahem, 8 favorite styles, and we want to tell you all about ’em.  First up, our newest Moozer, all the way from the Sunshine State…Andrea!

The Moozer:

About Andrea:
Andrea is a recent graduate from Auburn University and grew up in Orlando, Florida. When she’s not working she loves to cook, bake, and shop for cooking and baking supplies.

Her Fashion Splurge:
Shoes and bags. Duh.

Why She Loves The: FOSTER:
“I can’t wait for fall to wear my Miz Mooz Foster bootie pump. This classic style will go with almost any outfit. Plus, they’re so comfortable!”

How She Wears Them: I love to wear my Miz Mooz Foster with jeans and leggings. But personally I think they look best with a pleated skirt!

Want to be an honoray Moozer?  Send us your pick of the week and if we publish it there is a special treat in it for you!

Fall Collection Arriving Soon!

The thermometer may say it’s a trillion hot humid sticky sweaty degrees out side, but here at Miz Mooz the leaves are changing colors, and there is a cool breeze in the air.  Because…our Fall 2011 styles have arrived!  Our collection this time around is one of our best, featuring menswear inspired lace ups, sophisticated neutral hues- think khakis and taupes- and of course it wouldn’t be a Miz Mooz collection without a few bright pops of color, this time they are in vibrant purple and blue.  Keep an eye right here this week as we unveil the line, or if you want to see them all right now and get a chance to win a pair for yourself, check out our scavenger hunt on facebook!