Let’s Talk About Halloween Some More, Yes?

I’m having a costume dilemma.  I can’t seem to come up with the right shoes!  My super awesome super secret costume doesn’t require specific footwear, and I am feeling stymied by my options.  With that in mind, perhaps next year I’ll start with the shoes, like one of these characters!

























Trick or Treat!

I’ve always loved Halloween, and though I’m more than twice the age of most trick or treaters these days, I’m still an enthusiastic participant!  I put forth a huge effort creating my costume every year, and while I won’t give it away just yet, I will give you some easy ideas for your own!

A Flapper!  Put on your prohibition era- best and brush up on your Charleston, in the Limon you’ll be able to dance all night!  Optional accessories: Gallon of moonshine, and a gat-weilding date.

Little Red Riding Hood:  Top your favorite LBD with a red cloak, and add the Siri for some extra flare!  Like your Halloween a bit more gory? Get some fake blood and go as Little Red Riding Hood post-wolf attack.

Peacock:  I’m a sucker for feathers, and with a bird costume, more is more!  The Solo is the perfect shade of blue to match the plumage, and try some 1980’s blue eyeshadow to complete your look.

Got some Halloween pics to share? Email them to [email protected]

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More Fall Faves!

Ah, Mint. Mint, you flat, buckled, khaki colored bootie you. How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways- I love Mint with a long tank dress; I love Mint with  dark washed slim denim; I love Mint with tights and mini skirts; I love Mint with leggings and an oversize chunky knit cardigan.  I love Mint for brunch and shopping and dinner and drinks and, and, and…

Fall Faves!

I seem to have struck a nerve with some fall lovers thanks to my recent post derrding the changing of the seasons, so I offer a formal mea culpa in the form of Fall Faves! (ed note- the pronouncing of Fall Faves!  should be accompanied by jazz hands). Starting with the showpiece of my collection, the Franka.  I’m a lover off all things heeled, two toned, and laced up, so no doubt that the Franka is high on my list. It is a little business in my otherwise whimsical wardrobe, giving that sexy secretary vibe that I cannot get enough of. I’m wearing mine with pencil skirts and chiffon tops, or dressing it down with boyfriend jeans and striped cardigans.  To further illustrate my love of the Franka, I made this collage.  Hello!

Make the Franka one of your Fall Faves!