Spring Shoes!

Our Spring 2015 collection is finding its way to shoe stores, with more styles released every week! Missed what’s arrived so far? Here’s a look at of a few of our faves

Patrice Really, the most perfect spring bootie (if we do say so ourselves). Wear it now with jeans and a sweater, and later with cut off shorts or a casual dress.



Michelle  This heel does double duty, working just as well as a casual, don’t mess with me heel, and as a flirty, feminine dress shoe.

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And finally, a shoe which needs no explanation, the Cali sandal. Be still my heart!



Melea Nelson Photography

If you follow us on Facebook, you’ve seen the adorable videos designed and shot by Melea Nelson, and now we’re introducing the face behind the camera!

Hailing from Castle Rock, Colorado, Melea knew by her freshman year of high school that she wanted to study photography, which she did at Bringham Young University. While she was initially drawn to fine art and landscape photography, but has since combined her love of fashion with her technical skill to focus on fashion photography and videography. A longtime fan of Miz Mooz, Melea is drawn to the vintage styling and loves that they’re comfortable enough to wear while she works, which you can see her doing in this behind the scenes look. Check it out!

Winter Style RX: Pop Of Color

As the weather turns colder, the days get grayer, and dressing becomes a game of how many possible layers can one fit under one’s coat, I like to bring out my fun, bright shoes for a little pick-me-up. The red of the Ninette bootie is rich and saturated, and the perfect antidote to a sea of black boots. Top the look with an over sized coat and bold lip, and no one has to know that underneath all that glam you’re wearing your p.j.s to the grocery store!

Miz Mooz Ninette


Survive Christmas Shopping!

Not to brag- ok, to brag a little- I’m an excellent shopper, and I love buying gifts out in the brick and mortar world instead of online. I don’t shop often, but I make up for the scarcity of my shopping trips with the unrivaled genius in my planning and execution of said trips. I’m a Christmas shopping ninja; effortlessly maneuvering between stores, fitting rooms, and cash wraps, checking items off my list in the blink of an eye, all with a smile on my face. And so can you! Here’s how.

Shopping Survival Guide


Shopping Survival Guide by mizmooz

Make a plan. Before you even leave home, make a list of who you will be buying for and your budget for each gift. Sure, Dad will probably love that first edition book/set of golf clubs/autographed guitar, but you don’t want to leave everyone else on your list with  only a book of Sudoku and some Fererro Rocher. Next, decide which stores you’ll hit, and in what order. Don’t buy that cast iron pan for Mom first thing and be stuck lugging it around all day. Even if it doesn’t seem heavy at first (what are you- superman?), it definitely will 4 hours later.

With your plan of attack in place, you’re ready to construct your uniform. Obviously you need Miz Mooz  on your feet, my current go to style is the Nicola boot, which will keep you comfy, warm, and stylish. Simple and minimal is the key for outerwear. If you’re taking off a scarf, hat, and gloves in every store, you will just have to carry them around, and will most definitely lose something. Streamline it! A coat with a hood zipped all the way up, and mittens that convert to fingerless gloves, and you’re set. Nothing comes off, nothing gets lost… it’s a beautiful thing.

Speaking of beautiful things, let’s talk handbags. There is only one option here…say it with me…cross body satchel! Roomy, hands free, easily accessible, no brainer. Moving right along, in your cross body satchel you’ll need a refillable water bottle and sustenance. Other so-called shopping enthusiasts might recommend nuts or dried fruit to keep you going, but I’m team granola bar all the way! It’s the perfect one handed snack, and your (most likely filthy by this point) fingers never have to touch the food.

If you are feeling ready to advance to next level shopping, I present to you the bluetooth headset. No need to fumble for your phone with arm fulls of shopping bags, or stop to put them down if you want to make a call, wasting valuable shopping time. Make like a Wall St intern circa 2002 and get your headset on girl!

Saving the most important piece of advice for last, remember to buy a gift for yourself!