We adore Jenna Martin's colorful style and playful aesthetic! Here she's sharing her favorite things about L.A. living- and throwing down the gauntlet in the age-old battle of the burger!

Miz Mooz Fawn

I’m a Southern California Native - born and raised in San Diego, now dwelling in Los Angeles.Though I’m not new to this city by a longshot, I love discovering new and exciting parts of it that inspire me and feed my love for never ending adventure.

The food is an obvious reason to love Los Angeles. We’re a melting pot of cultures, backgrounds and new creations. The never-endingdebate of “Who’s burger is best” starts and ends here because we have In-N-Out (aka the best burger on earth. The end.)

Getting outside, under the gorgeous California sun is one of the best part about life here in this gorgeous city. With famous landmarksaround every corner, fantastic rolling hills turned into parks, historic venues and more, you never run out of things to see and do in Los Angeles.

My favorite; theme parks! Welcome to the land of fantasy and fun! Our historic city is home to some of the most amazing and famous theme parks in the world! Imagine living only minutes away from a magical castle… that’s what my life is like! We’re regular themeparkers in my household, equipped with annual passes, wands and all!