From humble beginnings as a small, New York based, private label, to our status today, Miz Mooz has always remained committed to the principle that fashion and comfort can happily coexist. We believe that our shoes are a reflection of the people that wear them –eclectic, edgy, playful, quirky, but most of all, FUN! To this end, each shoe is carefully finished by hand, and the resulting variations in color and texture ensure that every pair is as unique and interesting as the woman who wears it.


What’s Your Favorite Thing About NYC?

New Yorkers.

— Melissa

What Super Power Would You Want?

Infinite memory.

— Stephanie

What’s Your Spirit Animal?


— Andrea

What Was Your First Concert?

Nelson.  Also my second concert.

— Cheryl

What’s Would Be Your Perfect Last Meal?

Steak Frites and a Stella, with speculoos covered waffles for dessert!

— Linda

Best NYC Celeb Sighting?

Peter Dinklage walking his dog, Kevin.

— Jeff

Dog Person or Cat Person?

Bunny Person!

— Abby

What’s Your Favorite Candy?

Nerds (takes one to know one!)

— Ron